Saturday, July 5, 2008

Super Star - Kunal Khemu it is!

Kunal (Kunal Khemu) wants to be a Super Star! He is a backup dancer in films but wants to make it big in the film industry. His childhood friend Mausam (Tulip Joshi) supports him and secretly is in love with him. One day, his friends and family celebrate him bagging a huge movie since his picture was in the newspaper. Little did he know, he looked exactly like the famous Karan (Kunal Khemu again, in a double role). Since the spoil Karan can not act and sing, Kunal is to be his double. Tragedy hits and Kunal has to play the biggest role of his life - to play Karan!

I'm a fan of Kunal Khemu ever since I saw him in Kalyug. At that time, I learn that he was the cute little kid in Raja Hindustani, Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, and Zakhm. He grew up to be a stunner. I've been trying hard to find his films so I could watch them. His films are low budget and most people wouldn't go watch the movies he chooses. I saw Traffic Signal and was impress with him. I finally found a copy of Dhol which I plan to watch soon. When he speaks, he has this kiddish adorable voice, unlike Saif who I think has a girly voice (sorry Saif fans!!). It was a treat to see Kunal on screen again. Double treat to see him in a double role! Love him. It's ironic how the movie is about his character Kunal (like his name in real life) playing a struggling actor trying to make it big.

Tulip Joshi has a unique look to her. She can look very beautiful or just average. She is very cute in this movie. I last saw her in Dhokha in which she was great! Although she doesn't have a huge role in this movie, she still was good at what was given to her. Playing the role of the childhood friend who is secretly in love with Kunal was great for her.

Sharat Saxena - I don't ever remember him playing a father in a movie that I can remember. I always remember him as a police inspector or more of a supporting role, not a father figure. He played the father who wishes his son would stop dreaming about becoming a super star and just get a 9-to-5 job. He was great!

I adore Reema Lagoo! It started ever since I saw her as the wonderful mother in Maine Pyar Kiya. The beginning of the movie, Kunal narrates the people in his life. He compared his mother in the film as very filmy and there were images of famous Bollywood mothers such as Rakee and Jaya Bachchan. However, Reema tops them all!

Kunal #2 aka Karan, the super star. The super star that Kunal should be. The super star status that was given to Karan because he was born in a rich family which everything is given to him and not earned. He dresses nicer, gets drunk, comes to work late, can't act and dance - why? Why does people's fate fall like this? Karan looks like like a duplicate copy of Kunal, except for Karan's curly hair. Kunal is the one with talent.

Aushima Sawhney is the actress who is paired opposite Karan. Although she isn't the main heroine in the film, what makes her role significant is a scandal involving her in the film. She is the only one who can tell the difference between Kunal and Karan.

Can you tell them apart? Which one is Karan? Which one is Kunal??

Super Star is a cheesy movie worth watching. I enjoyed it a lot. It did drag a bit towards the end. I felt the ending was rushed. I like how it ended. I thought it was going to keep going on but it didn't. Thank goodness. It was great to see Kunal in a more masala flick than his last two - Kalyug and Traffic Signal. Another cute snippet of the movie is in the beginning, there were movie clips from Bollywood super stars such as Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan.

One of my favorite part of the movie is Kunal's recipe for becoming a Super Star. Since I enjoyed it so much, I made additional screen caps of it and wrote down what he said...according to the subtitles......

The recipe of becoming a star is very simple
Take a cup of Amitabh's talent
And keep it on low flame for years
Then add half a cup of Shah Rukh's charm
And boil it
After that, add two spoons of Aamir's intensity
And one spoon of Hrithik's dance

Mix them all well
After that, saut it with Salman's look

Then your Super Star is ready.


ajnabi said...

The first time I saw a picture of grown-up Kunal Khemu my eyes practically bugged right out of my skull. I've only seen him in HHRPK (although Traffic Signal's in my queue) and--whoa! What magic a few years can work. "Stunner" is right. This movie looks like mindless fun--right up my alley. :-)

Anonymous said...

namaste! nyob zoo! you're the first Hmong bollyblogger I've seen. I live in Minneapolis where many Hmong live. I found your blog through ajnabi's and love this post. I loved Kunal in "Traffic Signal" and especially when he was a little boy in playing Amir Khan's sidekick in "Raja Hindustani." Have you seen those?
I'm also a not desi, non Indian, doing a bollywood blog. I'm a gori. Like you, I don't really write reviews either, just lots of silly screen captures and light impressions of aspects of films I like. Pleased to have found you and I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

All the best,

P.P. Have you ever read the book "The Spirit Catches You When You Fall Down"

Excelelnt book