Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jannat - money the root of all evil?

Jannat is about Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) who is addicted to gambling cards but has no money to gamble with. His world turns around when he meets Zoya (Sonal Chauhan). Although she impress with the money he offers her, she has no idea he earns it by becoming a bookie with a don. Together they try to live their lives without his obsession with making money quick. Can he do it? Or does he go back to that life of quick cash?

Jannat was a surprise hit. I was very excited to watch it because I think Emraan is an underrated actor. Since Awarapan, I hope to see him get recognized and praised more. Emraan sticks with the Bhatt camp because he is related to them. He is good at playing roles where his character makes a life change whether it's in Footpath, Zeher, or Awarapan. Jannat is no different.

Emraan is perfect as Arjun, the man who doesn't want to live poor. Who doesn't right? But he wants to not work as hard for the money and get rich quick. Like many of his films, he plays the guy who is willing to change his lifestyle for the woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life.
Sonal Chauhan is so cute. She reminds me of Sonali Bendre sometimes. Sometimes it's Amrita Rao. Maybe because all three are very skinny and have the innocent beautiful face. She does decent in her role as Zoya. As Zoya, she's the girl who doesn't have much money either but wants to work for it. She stands by her man Arjun through thick and thin because she loves him.

I give the Bhatt's props for always giving newcomers a chance. Sohal is given this chance - I love that she chosed a Bhatt movie to be her debut film. She got to show a lot more variety of emotions in a Bhatt film.

It was great seeing Vishal Malohtra again. Ever since I saw Ishq Vishk, I thought he was just too cute and adorable as Mambo. Since then, he's been in a few other films but in very brief roles. Although his role as Arjun's best friend in Jannat was longer than his other roles, his role in Ishq Vishk is still the longest on screen time for him.

What bothered me about Jannat is Sohal's character, Zoya. She didn't have much money but I felt she was a bit of a gold digger. When Arjun was trying to win Zoya's love, she tells him she'll go out with him until he gets a car. She started to fall in love with him because of the things he got her. Then later contradicted herself saying that's not why she loved him. Hmmmm? I'm sure she did learn to love Arjun but it was the material things that made her fall for him.

Then you have Arjun, the stalker! He stalks Zoya until she goes out with him but only when he has the car. Kinda creepy but it happens a lot in Bollywood films I've seen before. This scene is when Arjun finally gets the car and follows Sohal and her friends in the opposite car singing and serenading to her.

What I didn't like about Jannat is the ending. At first I was disappointed in the movie but I had to recollect my thoughts. It's not a baaad movie. I just had higher expectations for it - I hate when I do that! I had to think about it and re-watch it with a clear mind. For me, I think Emraan had better movies than this. If you like Emraan, you will definitely like Jannat.

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