Friday, August 29, 2008

Bipasha Basu - why does Nicki aka ApunBindaas like her so much?

Yes, I adore, admire, love, whatever you call it. I heart Bipasha Basu. Please... I'm not a new fangirl of the model-turned actress. Ever since she was a model, I've been a fan and followed her career. So what makes Bips so special?

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A question everyone ask me is why do I like Bipasha? Answer - because I do, lol. I know there's a lot of Bips haters out there. Don't hate on her because she's sexy or is dating a sexy guy like John Abraham. Give props where it is noticed.

Actually I've been a fan of hers since her modeling days. I noticed her in 1998 - same year I noticed Arjun Rampal in the annual edition of Stardust magazine. I thought her look was unique and very different from most Indian models. I love her dark skin and almond eyes.

Later I found out she was dating a model hunk - Dino Morea, the half Indian/half Italian model. They were everywhere together. As much as I like Bips with Dino, Bips and John sizzle together off and on screen. They are one of the world's best and sexiest real life couples.

Bips is a great actress. No, she's not in the same league as Kajol or Madhuri. However, I think out of all the newcomers, she is the best. Another reason why she rise higher, in my books, is because she does different type of roles than the typical college girl movies. From Raaz to Jism to Rudraksh to Madhoshi to Corporate whether or not the film is a flop, Bips is confident, but not self-centered.

Whether or not you choose to like her, it's up to you. But she is here to stay. She is beautiful, sexy, down-to-earth, and simply a great actress. Before judging her - watch her films and read or watch her interviews (watch the Koffee with Karan episode with Bips and Lara) - you may surprise yourself and become a fan later.

Alright, if you don't know already…here it is it - I'm Hmong. Actually a dark-skin Hmong girl. All my life I grew up hearing how dark my skin color is. Since I live in Atlanta which is located south east of the USA, I had relatives who lived in St Paul which is located north of the USA, who used to tell me to come live up there so I won't be any darker than I am already. Overtime I learn to love my my natural tan. Why not? Nowadays, people pay to get darker. I've had dark-skinned friends who would bleach their skin color so they would be accepted by family and friends.

What I admire Bips is she embraces her skin color. Some may argue and say that Bips look lighter in some pics than other. Hmmm, hello….have you heard of camera-angle lighting? Those are photographs but if you see her natural, real-life photos then she still has her glowing dark skin. Many will agree that Bips is just gorgeous. While others criticize her uneven eyes and say she's not beautiful for that reason. Did you know that most people are asymmetric? For me, my eyes are uneven just like Bips. Having almond eyes and not round eyes, Bips unique look stands out to me. Over the years, I have read in message forums where a lot of Indians criticize her uneven, almond eyes as being "chinese." I'm not sure if that was an insult or compliment. But I took it as an insult since a desi person made that comment. Just to add, there are known rivalry feuds between India and China. Oh well, maybe it's just me.

Okay since everyone now knows I'm shallow since I do go by looks as first impression. Now, don't get me wrong. I mean come on, don't lie to yourself and say that looks don't matter. I don't want to hear that personality is what you look for. A person's personality doesn't show until you get to know them. All I'm saying is looks do play a big part in you wanting to get to know someone. That's all.

Also just because someone is a good actress on screen too doesn't mean that they are like that in real life. Hello, it's called acting!!! I'm so sick and tired of people who belittle Bips because of the roles she got famous for - sexy. Then we have others who expect to see the best of her when they do hear praises for her acting. Such phrases as "she was just okay. I mean she was good but I thought she would've been better after hearing praises." Oh come on! Do you actually base all your thoughts on what the others say? That's why I rather form my own opinion. That's why there are films that were SUPERHITS and you hated or flops that you absolutely love.

What you see is what you get. That's Bipasha Basu for you. She's honest and confident. When she appeared twice on Koffee with Karan, she gained more fans who didn't know her. Plus after she more Yash Raj films after "Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai," more people see her acting potential.

I think Bips is good at what she does. She may not be the best actress or the most beautiful. No way do I think she is number one but I think she has the whole package. She's beautiful, talented, and has a great personality.

Another reason why I love her - her inspiration to working out. She is so fit. I think she has the best body. Many will argue and tell me Shilpa Shetty has the body. Bips' body is tone and fit. I like the muscular body. Even though she used to be a skinny model, she did get "fat" at one point in her life. She knew it and started working out like crazy. She has motivated me to look at my life too. I know it may sound silly but it's true. Look at those pics I posted from 2005 - the
Jay Sean concert 2005 and even the Rockstars concert 2006. I was even fatter then and still working out. The picture on my main page and profile are taken this year. Funny but also true - I do credit Bips as my inspiration.

As the only actress in Bollywood who isn't afraid to experiment with her hair, I admire and adore Bips for making that step! I love experimenting with my hair - whether it's cuts or colors too so seeing Bips do it was bonus points for me. All the other Bollywood actress have that long, straight boring hair. So when Bips chopped her hair off, I was rooting for her. Yes, Preity Zinta has also chopped her hair off for the movie "Dil Hai Tumhaara" but Bips did it because she wanted to be different. Gotta love that. Not only did she chopped her hair, now she is sporting a bang/fringe look. I'm not a fan of it but double props to her. I loved one of Bips hairstyles so much that I went to my hair stylist to get it cut like hers (just like the above pic)

Plus I'm in love with Bips relationship with John and even her exes Dino Morea and Milind Soman (rumored, not confirmed). Many think that Bips dumped Dino for John. But Dino has said before that they broke up before Bips and John hooked up. Besides that, when Bips appeared on the talk show "Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai." All the men in her life came on. Can you imagine Aishwarya on the same talk show with Abhi, Vivek, and Salman? Bips has a very forward and down-to-earth.

I would love to say I'm the biggest Bips fan ever but I'm sure there's some out there that will claim that. I credited her for discovering who Jay Sean is. I've seen all her films (even Tamil and Telugu ones). I've ordered magazines of hers from India since it is not available in the USA. Dang. Even though I love Bips but I'm not a biase fan. In this blog entry, you probably learn more things about me and Bipasha than ever! LOL

Oh gosh, I'm rambling.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics, Nicki. Bipasha is certainly glamorous and good looking. In her interviews she comes over as a pretty interesting individual, too, and I love her dimples (which I somehow never see her wearing in the movies!). But I cant understand her penchant for playing the sultry siren in all her movies - except in Corporate where I loved her. Do you know of any other movie where she plays an interesting character?

ajnabi said...

I really liked her in Dhoom 2 (that makes me both shallow and ignorant, since I haven't seen anything else with her in it, LOL).

Bollywood said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Nicki!

Thanks for the tribute to Bips. I think she is one of the most gorgeous women in the world, and I absolutely love her smooth cocoa skin!

I agree with you about dark skin-here in the West, its the most coveted, a stark contrast to the skin bleaching traditions in the East. While one can argue that there is racism in the U.S. and whites are the ones with power, that no longer is a reflection of how light or dark a person is(racism in the U.S. is rooted in racial background, or at least for the most part, in my opinion). Many whites or other fair skinned people go tanning and use self tanners to make their skin appear darker. Celebrites like Jlo and Beyonce make a glowing tan similiar to Bipasha's the most envied look.

In my opinion (I'm medium skinned, more on the golden side than the olive, a bit on the dark side for someone who is only half Pakistani ), dark skin is beautiful. I always feel slimmer and more toned when I have a summer tan. When I try on most clothes, its usually my skin color that makes the outfit work (Lord knows it is not my figure! LOL).

Having said all of that, I love fair skin, too. I think fair skin looks absolutely breathtaking with dark black hair. I love certain makeup colors and looks on fair skin.

My point is, all skin is beautiful and we should all embrace the diversity that God has given his people. If everyone was the same, we would never see people that look like Aishwayra Rai or Bipasha Basu!

But back to Bips--I've only seen a few of her films, but I can tell she is a woman who doesn't care what people think, doesn't conform to the old fashioned ideas of feminity, and seems to have John Abraham wrapped around her finger. I admire her for the strong woman that she is!

And, oh yeah, uneven or not, Bips has some of the most gorgeous eyes on the planet. Just my humble opinion!:)

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - Thanks so much. I totally agree with you about Bips having more potential than she is showing. As much I adore Bips, I have to admit I was disappointed with her choices of films after "Corporate." In her defense, I do think she has gotten to a point where she doesn't care what people think of her. No matter how much she tries to prove to others that she can, people are going to not give her the recognition she deserves because she is considered a sexy actress.

Maybe I'll dedicate another blot to Bips films - me listing what I think about her films and performance. I do like her in the following films - Raaz, Jism, Rakht, Madhoshi, Chehraa, Apaharan...Lastly, OMG, you noticed her dimples too!! You're right. I made some caps of her dimples before. Have to post them. :)

ajnabi - I'm glad Bips made a postive impact on your thoughts of her since you've only seen her in Dhoom 2. I hope you get to see more of her films. :)

theBollywoodFan - You're very welcome! I have to agree with you and bollyviewer. Wow, I never thought about the comparison with Urmila and Bips. Urmi did start off in sexy films and later picked it up. I hope Bips does go that path too.

Nida - Yah! You're very welcome!!! I love Bips skin color too. OMG, you're completely right. I do feel more slimmer being darker too. I really hope you get to see more of Bips films. E-mail me, I'll see what I can do for you about Bips films. Love that woman, gotta spread the love. :) I do agree Bips got John wrapped around her fingers.

Daddy's Girl said...

Bipasha is beautiful and always strikes me as a strong, forthright and mature woman - I love that. And it's great to see that she's positively affected your life. Love the Reebok ad you posted - she's looks amazing.

Nicki said...

daddy's girl Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I just love Bips. This whole blog post was dedicated to her. You're welcome about the Reebok ad posted, she does look amazing!

Melisha said...

.... I LOVE Bipasha Basu... She is in my opinion the best looking actress in the WORLD.....

Melisha said...

.... I LOVE Bipasha Basu... She is in my opinion the best looking actress in the WORLD.....

Nicki said...

Thanks Melisha - I <3 Bips!!!

Ms.KeY!! said...

hey!! Nicki,

I too love bips............well
after reading ur blog abt bips m really inspired by her acheivements.....plz tell us more stories abt her loosing weight nd how she use to feel wen her movies were doing well nd she was getting fat...........
love ya!!

Nicki said...

Thanks aparna - always great to find another Bips fan. I will blog more about Bips soon. I wanted to blog about my favorite films of hers soon :)

Abdulrahman said...

Ahh that was neat! I used to hate her and Lara after that KWK episode because they bitched about Amisha (who's my number one favorite, I've the same problem, people always ask me why?, but the Aishwaryas and the Kareenas bore me). But now I'm all cool! :P

I actually like Bips, I don't know any reason why would somebody dislike her.

Nicki said...

Abdulrahman - Thanks! Bips has such a humble personality.

Raj said...

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Anonymous said...

Well first I'm shocked that you're considered dark because you look fair/pale to me, but I guess standards are different for Hmong and Indian people since Indians can very, very dark and I guess the color range for Hmong is smaller?

Anyway, you addressed that Bips looks lighter in professional shots because of lighting... but what about all the pale makeup she wears? And the contacts? If she's so proud of her natural dark skin, why does she do that?

And lastly, about Bips' eyes, it's common for Bengalis and other Eastern Indians (and of course Northeast Indians) to have almond eyes since those parts have Mongoloid blood. The comments about her eyes are so sad... some people still put one type of Indian look on a pedestal and you know what it is.

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