Monday, December 22, 2008

Taxi No 9211 - continuation of my John filmfest

Saaya, Jism, Paap, and Karam, you would think I would stop watching John Abraham's movies, right? Wrong. This time -- it's Taxi No. 9211!

Taxi No. 9211 is so un-Indian in every way. What do I mean by that? Well, if you watch the movie, there is nothing about the movie that will make you think you're watching a Bollywood movie, or any Indian cinema movie at all. You could easily replace any of the characters with any Hollywood, UK, Korean, Hong Kong, Japanese, whatever you want to with the same plot minus one song...nothing else would change and you wouldn't think you'll be watching a Bollywood movie.

Actually the film is actually inspired by the Hollywood movie, Changing Lanes, with Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck. With the inspiration, Taxi No. 9211 held its own well with the film's twists. The performances from Nana and John were both appreciated.

I found this on IMDB about naming the film title Taxi No. 9211.

The number 9211 in Hindi word form becomes Nau-Do-Gyaara (9-2-11), which is a Hindi-lingual idiom meaning "to run away". An apt title, as it's the number of the taxi around which the whole movie revolves around, and it is the solution the two main characters have for their problems. The number was conceived by publicity designers while they were designing the film posters. They suggested it to director Milan Luthria and he liked it - he said it matched the Tom-and-Jerry spirit of the film.

Raghav (Nana Patekar) is a taxi driver but lies to his wife (Sonali Kulkarni) about it -- he tells her that he is an insurance agent instead. Jai (John Abraham) is determine to take sole ownership of his late father's real estate. Raghav and Jai's lives turn into a cat-and-mouse game when Jai ends up in Raghav's taxi cab. Confusion and stubborness on both guys' part turns their decision into total chaos.

Jai is a selfish guy who takes everything for granted.

But so is Raghav. No wonder both of them can not let go and are after each other and at each other's throats!

The main difference is Jai comes from a weathly background while Raghav is struggling to make end's meet.

Who ever thought that they both will need each other? Even after playing games with each other. Both guys are shady in their own ways.

Raghav's wife. She trusts her husband with all her heart. However, you can only tell so many lies to cover up the first lie you told. It was great to see Sonali Kulkarni again. Since I saw her in Mission Kashmir, I really liked her. Forget her boring role in Bride and Prejudice, Sonali can do much more than that.

Rupali is Jai's girlfriend who supports him while he tries to be the heir of his late father's accounts. Sameera Reddy was barely seen and anyone could've been Rupali. It's ashame that she chooses these roles in Bollywood because I really like her.

Look Sanju got credited. He wasn't in the movie but used his voice in the narration.

Priyanka Chopra has a special appearance. But I won't reveal her role. :)

Look she got credited as Piggy Chops, thanks to Abhishek giving her that nickname since they were paired together in Bluffmaster.

Song #1 - "Maine Suna Hai"
Jai's intro.

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Aazma Le"
Jai and Raghav both looking back at their lives and the decisions that they chose to make, always blaming everyone else but themselves.

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Meter Down"
Ending credits. Just a fun, music video type. Sung by Adnan Sami.

Watch Below

Just making caps of John with his facial expressions. Notice he has the same outfit on. The film actually takes place in two days.

Even if you have seen Changing Lanes, give Taxi No. 9211 a watch. Both are similar but it's well worth the watch for a fast, paced, fun ride. Just when you start to feel sorry for one of the guys, you change your mind again after seeing his actions.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I LOVE watching the "meter down" video- nana and john are surprisingly gr8 together :)

ajnabi said...

I dunno, I kind of like having at least one character I can root for--if they're both jerks I might give this one a skip! LOL

Nicki said...

Shweta - I know. I love that video!!

ajnabi - Actually, I like that both are shady because I think everyone has a bit of shadiness to his/herself, hehehe. But both guys learn their lessons in the film though. Just like we, as humans. :)

dunkdaft said...

first things first. I 'HATED' sameera, when she drops John like a 'drop of hat'.
But she was Hot. I think her role should be more length. Sonali is an all time favorite. and John as usual Rocks... [I dont like Nana]. Music was also really good.

And Mumbai, wow.

Nicki said...

Darshit - Aaaww, to bad you don't like Nana. I liked him ever since Khamoshi. I do know what you mean about Sameera's character. John is so underrated.

Bollywood said...
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Bollywood said...
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Nicki said...

theBollywoodFan - I have to admit that I did like Changing Lanes a little slightly more. I feel Sameera isn't getting great Bollywood roles. It's ashame because I like her.

Thanks so much. Merry Christmas (late) to you too!