Friday, December 12, 2008

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic - a little bit of cuteness & fun

Finally, here are my thoughts about Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. Many people did not like this film but I adored it! I have to admit that I have a soft spot for kiddie movies. Could be because I have kids of my own. Regardless, I was impress with how much I enjoyed watching it. Having colorful picturizations, cute kids, a dog, a hamster, bubbly Rani, airhead Amisha, and lonely Saif in one film sure can bring some smiles!

Throughout his life, everyone he's ever loved has left the lonely, successful business man, Ranbeer (Saif Ali Khan) . On a unclear, thoughtless situation, he ends up killing a couple in a car accident. In a debatable dilemna, the judge assigns him to take care of four orphans. However, these orphans hate him and want seek to take revenge on him. With the help from God (Rishi Kapoor) and guidance from a very special angel, Geeta (Rani Mukherji), will the household finally be united?

My heart goes out to the young Ranbeer. So much was shown in just one song. Everyone close in his life has left him. But no matter what, he was still ambitious and achieve all the materialistic things in life. Adult Ranbeer is more nonchalant, not showing much emotions. Just do the job and get it done! Saif was wonderful. It wasn't too much of a stretch in the acting department since he's shown his skills. Whether the film is a Being Cyrus, Omkara, or a Race, Saif is definitely an A-lister star!

God's favorite angel Geeta is sent to bring some happiness into Ranbeer's challenging situation. Lighting up the household and earning the kids' love and trust, she is on a mission to make sure Ranbeer and the kids one happy family. It's Rani's film all the way!!! She was so bubbly and fun to watch. Please let her play in more roles where she's this happy-go-lucky than the emotional, crying girl!

God. Any other words? Well, I was glad that Rishi Kapoor played God. Thank goodness Amitabh Bachchan was not God. I like Big B but he's everywhere. He was recently seen as God in God Tussi Great Ho, as well. Yah for Rishi Kapoor. Short appearance but a pleasure to see him since he was in a lot of my childhood Bollywood films I grew up with watching.

Airhead, bimboo, Barbie-doll Malaika. So annoying, yet Amisha was so good at this role! Don't let her character on screen get you now. She did a great job. I have to add she looked really good too!

9-years-old Vashisht, the angrier one of the orphans and oldest. Akshat Chopra did such a great job. Actually the kids did but love his emotional-teary moment.

7-years-old Aditi, the oldest daughter. Looking up Shriya Sharma, she has acted in the tv series, Kausutii Zindagii Kay. Future Bollywood actress?

7-years-old Iqbal is no twin to Aditi. He's actually been adopted into the lovely family. Rachit Sidana is too adorable. I love his man-to-man talk with Ranbeer. So heart-warming.

5-years-old Avantika. Since she's the youngest of the siblings, she often complains about none of her siblings listening to her. Ayushi Berman is so adorable and sweet.

Song #1 - "Pyaar Ke Liye"
Watch Ranbeer grow up.

Song #2 - "Bulbula"

The angel Geeta

Song #3 - "Beetay Kal Se"
Kids learn history, Geeta-style.

Song #4 - "Lazy Lamhe"
Malaika's birthday bash but the kids trash it

Song #5 - "Nihaal Ho Gayi"
Finally a happy family? hanging out at Universal Studios

I really like this scene. Geeta advises Ranbeer to get to know the children. Then Ranbeer reminisces about his childhood into each kid.

I just thought the following pic was sooo cute.

This may not be 2008s best films of the year but it is worth watching. Just don't expect too much. Most of the time, you will end up disappointed.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Such a kind review!
I honestly think my own thoughts on this were v mean in comparison :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this one first time round but am not so sure about it after re-watching. The kids arent given any sympathy-inducing scenes at all. When the parents die the kids immediately go full-throttle into lets-drive-all-adults-away drive, and are so annoying! A scene or two of them genuinely grieving for their parents (before starting on their "revenge") would have done so much to make them lovable. The movie focuses all its sympathy on Ranvir and though I love Saif, I think its a it unfair on the kids. Rani of course, rocks! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm tres interested in watching this movie, but I wonder where in Sydney I can get it. Not local, I know that for sure... hmmm, maybe the city. =D It sounds really cute.


veracious said...

I watched this the last time I was home sick and it's just the perfect thing to watch on a day like that (or a rainy afternoon!). Just a really cute charming film. I think it's awful that people call it worse than TRRP. I didn't care about the characters in that film at all and actually quite disliked them but TPTM made me care about everybody, especially Rani's character.

Nicki said...

shweta - You're so silly! It's okay. I think I like most kiddie movies!

bollyviewer - I completely agree with you in looking at that point of view. However, I guess, to me, it was a given that the children would already be grieving so need to show tears, which was also shown later on as well. Yes, Rani rocked!!

Kasi - I want you to see this movie if you're interested. I'll find out if I can find it online with English subs for you.

veracious - I completely agree with you! Just a good, cute movie.

Anonymous said...

I liked the movie too - would call it a simple and enjoyable movie.

TPTM is available on DVD (with english subtitles) in most desi stores in Sydney - Kasi fyi

Nicki said...

Thanks for coming by again Kasi. I'm glad I convinced you to watch some Indian movies. Hopefully you'll see more. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me anytime for recommendations!

Abdulrahman said...

Well-written review... I agree that Amisha did a good job, and she looked sizzling in Lazy Lamhe!

Abdulrahman said...

Oh, and I was looking forward to Lazy Lamhe... But the annoying kids thrashed it! :P

Nicki said...

Abdulrahman - Thanks! Amisha's been quiet for a while now. Hope she comes back

Abdulrahman said...

Oh she has a few films coming up, for this year she's got "Run Bhola Run" alongside Govinda and Tusshar which releases towards the end of the year; November or December. :)

Kaitlyn said...

I want to add my voice as somebody else who loved it.

The kids weren't annoying (except when they wanted to be) and Rani was awesome!

One disappointing thing - they didn't kiss when she decided to become human and love him. I guess it was marketed as a kid's movie, though a quick kiss wouldn't have been as bad as Amisha's outfits and Lazy Lamhe!

Nicki said...

Kaitlyn - yah!!! another one who actually liked the film. I agree, the kids weren't that annoying.