Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aa Dekhen Zara - SciFi thriller flick with Neil & Bips

Yah, I finally got to go watch Bips on the big screen again. It's actually been a while since she had any films released, last one being Baachna Ae Haseeno

As I mentioned on my previous post, I didn't plan to watch Aa Dekhen Zara because I wanted to go hiking with the family. Yesterday, it was raining nonstop! So the plans got canceled and took my daughter for a 4-miler and then headed out to eat some yummy Indian food! She told me that she and I have to eat Indian food every week. Now, that would be nice. However, maybe we could do it on a monthly basis instead. :)

The Palace
is our favorite Indian restaurant in Atlanta! The best! I've eaten at several other Indian restaurants before but nothing compares to The Palace. Their buffet consists of so many varieties -- chicken masala tikka, tandoori chicken, samosa, masala dosai, chaat, etc -- just to list a few! What I love about them is that the waiter never ask if you need a refill, they automatically refill and bring you fresh, hot naan every time! Gosh, I love this place!!!!

In addition, the restaurant is next to the Indian cinema theater. We went to the first show of Aa Dekhen Zara. Waiting for the film to start, I decided to pick up ADLABS magazine of The Plot, March 2009, with John Abraham on the cover. Heck yeah! My hottie! When we first sat in the theater, we were the only ones there. Oh no!! After 10 minutes more people came to watch but still not a sold-out show. But I didn't care. I came there for Bips. :)

The only trailer that showed any forthcoming film was Kambakkt Ishq. Does not look like I would want to go watch that! Looks stupidly funny, not worth a theater watching unless you're a die-hard Akki or Bebo fan. Anytime you have once-hot Hollywood stars like Sylvester Stallone and Denise Richards in a Bollywood film, no way am I rushing to see it!

With nothing going on in his life, the struggling photographer, Ray Achara (Neil Nitin Mukesh), hopes his fate would change one day. When his grandfather passes away, he inherits a camera, which he needed badly since his was stolen. What Ray never realize is he can not set a current date on the camera, but only future dates. With just a click of a button, the developed photos show the future - whatever he has set the date and time to. While going through the future clicked photos, he realized there were some potential danger for some of the people that were in the photos when he was clicking randomly.

One of them being his neighbor, Simi, the aspiring singer who works as a DJ. After saving Simi's life, Ray enters her heart. He wants to give her the best things but he's still struggling to find a decent job. One day, he thought about using the camera for good use to help him get some cash. Although he was cashing in money, he started to ignore Simi, which drifted them apart.

While his love life is failing, two other people want this camera. How do they know about this camera? To make matters worse, Ray's photo was clicked and showed his fated doom, just like his grandfather.

Rest of the film is trying to change his fate and run away from the two people who want the camera and may be a threat to his life.

Originally titled Freeze, Aa Dekhen Zara is a fast-paced thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat. That's what I love about it. However, after the intermission, the pace is still great but the script is weak. If you want a brainless, fun, fast-paced thriller, than the film is worth it for that. Or watch it if you're a Neil and/or Bipasha fan. If you want to analyze and nitpick the flaws of the weak script in the second half, then forget it, don't waste your time.

Neil had a lot to live up to. Especially after Johnny Gaddar. Why haven't we seen him since then? Was he being that picky about his roles? He has several films lined up this year - New York (with John Abraham & Katrina Kaif), Tera Kya Hoga Johnny (with Kay Kay Menon & Soha Ali Khan), Jail (with Manoj Bajpai & Mugdha Godse).

I thought Neil was great. Aa Dekhen Zara is definitely his movie all the way. The weak script had nothing to do with his acting. But I am sure others will down on him for that.

Bipasha's beau, John Abraham, encouraged her to be in the film. Her look of her character, Simi, from Aa Dekhen Zara reminded me of the young Radhika in Bachna Ae Haseeno. With the Rockstar style and wanting to be a singer, it is almost identical to the young Radhika. Just like the young Radhika, Bips also played the slightly older woman. Shoot, with a figure like Bips, she can play a sexy cougar anyday!

Even though Bips was mainly the love interest in the film, what I love about her is she chooses characters that aren't bimbo-ish or dumb. Simi spoke her mind and was strong.

Some people may have complained about Neil and Bipasha's "lack of chemistry." But you got to think again, what kind of film this is. It's suppose to be a SciFi thriller. Not only that, just because they didn't have any intimate scenes may have made some people think that they had no chemistry. Regardless, both were comfortable with each other and glad to see Bips on the big screen again.

To me, the film was entertaining. It was fun. You got Neil. You got Bipasha. That's enough for me to watch the film.

If you want to think further, then this is what you get....

Who the heck is this "captain" guy who wants the camera. There is really no back story on him. He comes out no where knowing about the camera.

Rahul Dev is the perfect bad guy. He excels in them.

Then there's also Sophie who is interested and wants Ray to be a part of her "business."

Sophie Chaudry is wasted and is just there for eye candy. Why does she play these short, stupid roles?

Both Rahul and Sophie's characters just wasn't given enough information to be liked more. The script failed there.

My daughter liked the movie a lot and was entertained. And so was I. We loved the songs. She even wants me to put the soundtrack on her IPOD!

Yeah, I know Pritam is a copycat. You don't want me to start on my list of Bollywood music that has copied from other places...most of the list is Pritam too!

"Rock the Party"
DJ Simi

Watch Below

"Mohabbat Aapse"
Ray and Simi drifting away.
My favorite song!!

Watch Below

Song could have been removed from movie. I think it was more of an icebreaker song to sing and dance in Thailand.

Watch Below

Song - "Aa Dekhen Zara"
Ending credits

Watch Below

Again, not a #1 2009 film. But a good timepass flick on a raining Saturday afternoon. :) 7 out of 10 from me!


BB said...

Is it just me, or is Mukesh looking...unusually good?

Bips is, as always, lovely.

ajnabi said...

I think I'm going to check this out; I like brainless fun (see: Dhoom 2) on many occasions!

bollywooddeewana said...

Please let me know of Pritam's Copycatism i have hardly noticed any, the only one i know is the Aa dekhen zara track was from the 1981 movie 'Rocky'

Nicki said...

BB - Hmmm, I always thought Neil was attractive and looked a bit Hrithik-ish, hehehe. Bips is gorgeous. I love that girl! LOL

ajnabi - I think ADZ had more edge of your seat moments than D2. However, D2 had the bigger cast and more fun moments. But in all, I think you will still enjoy ADZ because it's brainless fun. :)

bollywooddeewana - Pritam has copied music from all over the world! From Arabic to Korean to Chinese music. I'll have to make a post dedicated to this only. Seriously!

But I have to admit he's done a great job of letting Bollywood know about other music around the world. :D

dunkdaft said...

@bollywooddeewana One track from this movie is itself a copy. 'Paisa hai power' [does it sound like 'I've got the power??]

But still, as I mentioned once in tBF's post, I like the way Pritam creates such catchy instant famous tunes. And also his originals are damn good as copies. Like some in Metro, Gangster and unforgettable Jab We Met.

Nicki I would love to see list abt songs he has copied. Please put up that post.

Humm. getting back. The movie will surely satisfy me. Somehow my viewing is held back day by day, but most probably I will surely check this out tomorrow.

I know this will be compared to Johnny Gaddar, one of the best from genre, but again as you said, its a brainless fun movie. And yeah, I wanna see that masala. and btw, Dhoom 2 - Hrithik = zero. That's my equation about D:2

dunkdaft said...

And yeah, the Dhoom signature tune is also a copy. I heard guitar chords in a song [can't remember now] exactly same as the tune.

Bollywood said...
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Nicki said...

Darshit - I will definitely make a list of Pritam songs I know that have copied Arabic, Hong Kong, and Korean songs or whichever other type of music he has copied. I have a list down that I wrote. I even have that for "remakes" too! hahaha, you know me, I know most of the remakes and plan to watch both versions just for my own analysis.

I think nowadays, people are too criticizing of movies and want "the best." Sometimes I just want to watch a film, just to watch it. Don't want to think too hard about it.

theBollywoodFan - you're so silly! I thought about putting pictures of food but declined. ;P

Can't wait for your thought of the film! Oh gosh, I think Bebo wasted her time in Kambakht Ishq but she's looking great!!!

bollyviewer said...

tBF is right! I am hungry too!!! ;-D Its been ages since I indulged myself with Naan and tandoori-chicken.

I love brainless fun, as long as it includes loads of eye-candy. With both Neil and Bips on-screen - I dont think there's going to be a shortage of that! One more movie to add to my miles-long to-watch list.

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - gosh, I want some Indian food right now too, lol. I may just have to go eat Indian again this weekend, haha.

Oh yes, brainless fun. You're right. As long as there is eye candy. Oh gosh, I have too many films to watch too!