Monday, July 21, 2008

Mithya - Nothing fake about the acting

Mithya is about a struggling actor name VK (Ranvir Shorey) who dreams to make it big in the film industry. One day he witnesses a murder scene and inform the cops about it. Just chilling in the barber shop, he gets aducted by thugs. When he thought he was going to die, the thugs indicate they want VK to act in a real role. Because VK resembles a Don name Raje, VK is to impersonate Raje's lifestyle. Will VK do it?

Mithya was recommended to me twice. First of all, just looking at the posters and stills, I thought Mithya was going to be a comedy like Mixed Doubles, which I saw and liked. Like Mixed Doubles, Mithya has Rajat Kapoor directing it and starring Ranvir Shorey. Rajat Kapoor impressed me with his acting in Corporate. He impresses me more with his storytelling and directing skills. So I finally got a copy of Mithya and decided to watch it.

Ranvir Shorey is an amazing and underrated actor. Although he looks goofy and can act goofy depending on his character, he astounds me when he has a serious character. I usually see him in supporting roles. However, when he teams up with Rajat Kapoor - the movie is sure to make an impact on you. Ranvir was just too good as VK. From the beginning scene to him as a junior actor to impersonating a dangerous Don, Ranvir makes you glue to his character wondering what will happen next. He's such a versatile actor that the majority of audience just don't see that because of the type of films he chooses to be in. Just a side note, I'm so happy he and Konkona Sen Sharma are engaged now. (Read article here.) I think they make such a cute couple. She's my favorite working actress right now due to pure acting talent.

Neha Dhupia plays Sonam. She works for the gangsters but ends up falling in love with VK. Sonam's love for VK was so sweet. She risked her life to help him out. Neha has always been playing second fiddle to other actresses or a sexy item girl or even films that didn't show others her acting capabilities. Ever since I saw her in Ek Chalis Ki Last Local, I was amazed by her acting. I've never seen Neha acted this well before. I'm glad she is picky about her roles but yet stay sexy in item songs when she wants to. Forget the other Miss India's who has no talent (ahem Celina Jaitley, sorry fans, she's gorgeous but can not act). She and Gul Panang are Miss India's Beauty + Brains.

Naseeruddin Shah rarely disappoints. He plays Gavde, the leader of the gang. He sets up VK to impersonate Raje.

Vinay Pathak plays Ram, Gavde's sidekick. Ram is the brains of the mission to get VK to play Raje.

Although the movie is more "arty," there were comical times. The scene when VK's picture was taken and compared to Raje was funny. At first I thought the movie would end up like Super Star but I was wrong.

Even though the movie doesn't focus on VK and Sonam's short love story, Sonam gets punished for falling in love with VK.

After watching the movie, I was still thinking about it. I was unsure whether or not I liked it. I was mad the movie wasn't long enough. (It was only 1 hour 45 minutes). Plus in the middle of the movie, about five minutes or so of the film wasn't subtitled!! It just dropped. Then I thought about how brilliant the film was made. The fast paced movement of the film keeps you waiting to see what will happen next. Thinking whether or not, VK can go through with pretending to be Raje got me anxious for him. The movie has a good twists and turns in the film (not too many like Race). Looks like a comedy but it's not. It's a simple, well-made, low-budget, undderrated film worth watching if you like these type of movies.


ajnabi said...

Wait, Naseer's in this? Then it's pretty much a given I'll have to see it. Ranvir looks like David Schwimmer in some of those screencaps. Nice review, Nicki!

Nicki said...

Yep, he's in this one. :) Hahaha! I never thought about Ranvir and David but I agree. Thanks so much for commenting and reading. The movie is a bit dark and definitely not a typical masala movie.

Anonymous said...

Mithya is coming to me this week from the library, so I'm glad to see your post here. I'll check back in after I watch it.

All the best,

Nicki said...

Yah! I can't wait to read your thoughts Sita-ji

Unknown said...

I didn´t know Ranvir Shorey is engaged to Konkona:()! Nice couple!

Glad you like the film.:)Very clever script IMO.

It also made me realize what a good actor Ranvir is and I will definetly check out his newest film with Mallika - even though the reviews are not too good.

Anonymous said...

I finally saw Mithya and enjoyed it, and your review. It's certainly not a traditional BW film. I completely agree with your statement: "Ranvir Shorey is an amazing and underrated actor." I've seen him in 5 other films and always enjoyed him, especially in Aaja Nachle and Khosla Ka Ghosla. I have SIrf waiting for me to watch at home and look forward to it more knowing he's in it. I also like Neha's work here and am beginning to really like her as well. She's really good. And Ajnabi, your right! " Ranvir looks like David Schwimmer in some of those screencaps." ANd I didn't know about him being engaged to Kokona either, Great couple.

All teh best!

Nicki said...

sita-ji - I'm glad you got to see Mithya and enjoyed it. I love non-Masala films from time to time. Ranvir Shorey is amazing. I hope he gets noticed and appreciated more. I have Khosla Ka Ghosla and haven't watched it yet. I've been trying to find Sirf. Do post what you think about it. Neha's definitely growing on me more and more each time. I look forward to seeing her future films. I think Ranvir and Konkona make a cute couple!

Anonymous said...

Yes nicki, Neha is really growing on me. First I thought of her as just a sex-symbol item number type girl, but I did really enjoy her performance in "Ek Chalis Ki Last Local" (
and in Mithya too. And yes, I agree with you on enjoying the non-masala films from time to time.

Nicki said...

Hey sita-ji - I agree about Neha in Ek Chalis Ki Last Local. She was great~!! I also have a soft spot for Abhay Deol too